Abdominal massage training

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Abdominal massage

“If the stomach is strong, life will be healthy, if the stomach is weak, life is unhealthy” By Yu Jua Yan a 16th Century Medical doctor.

An intensive, fun and holistic course. Where you will learn techniques to clear and revitalise the abdomen, this often neglected area can hold so much tension which can lead to postural disturbances. Emotional tensions held here can restrict blood flow to the vital organs of the abdominal cavity. This course offers hands-on skills to therapists, whatever their experience or modality to assist your clients to release abdominal discomfort and allow the organs and digestive system to work more effectively.

The workshop will be divided into several parts: Introduction, Revisiting the Anatomy of the abdomen; Body reading; Demonstration, followed with ‘hands-on time’. There will be sufficient time to enable you to put this new skill into practice, so you can see how it feels and will be confident to use it on your own clients as soon as possible. The workshop is run with an open-enquiry atmosphere – with a shared learning environment – questions are welcomed and encouraged.

On this workshop you will learn how to:

* Muscle test the body to find if there are any restrictions in the abdominal area
* Body read your client’s abdominal restrictions with greater accuracy
* Use fascial palpation to enable you to relieve restrictions
* Practice these palpation skills and techniques on your fellow students under supervision of your tutor
* Learn new techniques and formulate effective treatment strategies for resolving abdominal distortions
* Safely massage the abdomen
* Use energy work to release any tensions and therefore allow the healing processes to start
* Teach your clients some self-help techniques.

By the end of the workshop you will also:

* Understand basic anatomy of the abdomen
* Be able to use “listening touch” to assess for restrictions
* Have practiced and received an WHM abdominal massage
* Have an understanding of emotional issues to the stomach area and the overall effect on wellbeing
* Be able to use energy work tools effectively.
This course is accredited by CThA

Workshop dates – 23rd October 2020

Workshop times: – 10.00am till 4.30/5pm

Workshop cost: – £170.00
(£50 non-returnable deposit would be required to secure your place).
The fee includes – course manual, 2 Aromatherapy products, other handouts and tea/coffee/biscuits.

For a full course information sheet, please contact Sally.

Contact Sally for booking form on sally@wholehealthmatters.co.uk

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