Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique

Bowen is not a massage or manipulation, but a sequence of gentle moves over muscles and soft tissue. These moves, along with periods of rest during the session help to encourage the body’s innate ability to heal and protect itself.

Bowen is a technique developed by the late Tom Bowen (1916-1982), in a place called Geelong, Australia. He would have told you it was a gift, honour and a privilege to have such a gem at his fingertips.

It is an integral vibration led energy therapy that is gentle yet dynamic and this soft tissue technique is a remedial therapy. The moves can be done through clothing, they remind and stimulate the body’s blue print of how it is meant to be. Simply stated it may have a balancing effect on the Autonomic Nervous system (ANS).

The following has been shown to benefit from Bowen:

Back pain/Sciatica/Digestive issues/ TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disorder).
Groin pain/Pelvic tilt/Leg length/Neck and shoulder issues.
Skeletal and muscular problems from the lumbar to neck.

The above list is not conclusive,
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