We use a variety of therapy modalities as a totally integrated holistic system. It is a hands-on therapy where we view the body as a whole - mind, body and soul - we work together (client and therapist) to assist the body in restoring health and wellbeing by awakening 'the healing energy' that resides within. Blending natural hands-on techniques to the body as a whole or individual areas such as face, back, legs or abdominal area, energy, and the mind, work together as a team to keep the mind, body, and spirit in the right balance for optimum health.

There are two main reasons why it is beneficial to receive treatments:

1) As everyone suffers from stress in one form or another, treatments should be as often as is required - governed by your budget, to maintain the body's wellness.

2) When your body has aches and pains, its telling you it's time for a massage!

What are the benefits?

* More enthusiasm and bounce because your body feels alive.

* More energy.

* Quicker recovery, after a good walk, or after climbing stairs.

* Increase in self-confidence, improvement in stature.

What next?

It's time to invest in your health. Book a consultation with us today.

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Abdominal massage
Myofascial Release

The consultation will be followed by some muscle testing to check the body's responses. We will discuss the results of this assessment with you, and if any potential problems were identified, a treatment plan using the therapy tools which will benefit you the most will be discussed and if you need to referred back to your doctor this will be strongly recommended.

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