What is this Self Care Wellness Package?

This is a 6 weeks course to assist you with getting to know your physical as well as your subtle body, as a result of deepening your understanding of how the whole of your body works, you will be more informed and make good wellness choices.  This is a remote mentoring course, with Sally Tyler.  Using her 30 year knowledge as a nurse, anatomy and Master Reiki teacher.

This is a basic and informative look at your body following the 5 element principles. You will get to know the underlying energy body and how it impacts on your whole life.

We will look at the four seasons, the elements of air, water, earth, fire and ether, the meridians, chakras and each week a mediation individual for your needs at the time of this course.

You will receive 7 chakra roller oils from Zephorium oils, 1 energy medicine book and manual.

Course dates - As soon as you are ready

Workshop times: - To be sorted when you book

Workshop cost: - £800.00
(£100.00 non-returnable deposit would be required to secure your place).
The fee includes - course manual, Aromatherapy products, other handouts.

For a full course information sheet, please contact Sally.

Contact Sally for booking form on sally@wholehealthmatters.co.uk

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