Therapeutic Body Balance

This is a totally integrated treatment system, which has taken the best therapy approaches to give you a new approach to health and well-being.


A gentle, heat based massage designed for the back, neck and shoulders, it incorporates glass cups which act as a vacuum helping to alleviate pain, remove toxins and allow the muscles to feel free and more mobile.

Abdominal Massage

The health of your body lies within the abdominal area. This is a gentle oil based deep tummy massage, which allows the organs to release any restrictions, reduce excess water, muscle spasms, release any twists or torsions by a gentle massage, allowing for good circulation and boost to the immune system.

Myofascial Release

The fascia is a layer of specialised soft tissue that gives support and protection to the body. A Myofascial Release session is segmented into different areas, working the feet and legs, the abdomen, ribs, arms and neck, followed by the back, before spreading the sides.

Scar Work

After an operation or C-Section you have a scar that can cause postural issues else where in the body. Sometimes the scar is reluctant to heal fully. This gentle technique massage helps the body to heal from the fascia outwards helping you regain better skin and muscle integration.

Wellness and Self Care sessions

These sessions can be done online/remotely, within the comfort of your own home or within your workspace. Helping you to relax your body and mind, therefore you are able to concentrate more easily and feel more emotionally balanced.

There are two main reasons why it is beneficial to receive treatments:

1)  As everyone suffers from stress in one form or another, treatments should be as often as is required – governed by your budget, to maintain the body’s wellness.

2)  When your body has aches and pains, its telling you it’s time for a rebalance session!

What are the benefits?

* More enthusiasm and bounce because your body feels alive.

* More energy.

* Quicker recovery, after a good walk, or after climbing stairs.

* Increase in self-confidence, improvement in stature.

What next?

It’s time to invest in your health.  Book a consultation with me today.

The consultation will be followed by some muscle testing to check the body’s responses.  There would then be a discussion with you about the results of this assessment, and if any potential problems were identified, a treatment plan using the therapy tools which will benefit you the most will be discussed.

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