Using therapies for pain reduction and deep relaxation

Therapy fusion is a series of Therapeutic Body Balance techniques of exceptional protocols from both East and West, combined in a soft tissue, pain reduction treatment.

Abdominal Massage

When I first learnt massage, as well as teaching massage courses, the one area that was neglected was a good abdominal massage.


Our health and wellbeing (immune system) are totally reliant on the movement of blood, Qi (energy) and body fluids (hormones, lymphatic fluid etc).


Empowering, Uplifting, Natural, Homeopathic Chakra oils.

There are Positive affirmations help to change our focus and take back control of our lives.

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I use K.O.R.E. therapy to find the root cause of various health issues. Quite often it is not enough to treat just symptoms and more investigation is needed to find the underlying cause. This unique system assesses the body holistically to find structural, organ, nutritional, emotional and energy imbalances. By deeply relaxing the body, coming out of ‘stress’ mode, the brain is triggered to release natural painkillers, and helps speed the flow of oxytocin. This is a hormone that relaxes muscles as well as promoting a feeling of calm and contentment. It is often experienced by pregnant ladies during labour!

Therapeutic Body balance is a combination of exceptional protocols from both East and West, combined in a soft tissue, pain reduction treatment, using Bowen, soft tissue massage, cupping, abdominal massage and energy medicine techniques.

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